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Kenneth Milton

Patrick Cooke Jr.
1st Lieutenant

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2nd Lieutenant

Patrick Cooke Sr.

Salvatore Triscritti

The Islip Fire Police Company was organized in October 1928 as the Islip Fire Patrol. Subsequent to that the name was changed to the Police Patrol Company on August 4, 1933, Islip Fire Patrol and then to the Islip Fire Police Co. No. 1. The company's first piece of apparatus was a 1923 Packard Fire Police Truck and a new 1.5 ton Ford utility light truck was followed in March 1936. In 1939, Section 209-c of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York was enacted to provide for the forming of fire police squads within the volunteer fire departments and companies in NYS. Members of these squads were given the power of peace officers when on duty as fire police. As a result of a change in New York State Law, the company was renamed Fire Police Company No. 1 on December 2, 1964. A new purpose-built Seagrave Fire Police truck was placed in service on September 7, 1975, following a "light-up ceremony", and remained in service until 2002.

All fire police members are peace officers who are able to make arrests of persons committing a crime at the scene of an incident. The members must take specialized courses dealing with traffic handling, the laws of the State of New York and the powers of peace officers. This is in addition to regular firefighting courses required by the department. The company is allotted 36 members.

The apparatus currently assigned to Fire Police Company No. 1 includes a 1994 Emergency One/Ford F450 utility truck that is designated as 3-4-10 and operates from Fire Headquarters. The vehicle is also designated as the primary tow vehicle for the Tactical Rescue Team's Collapse, Haz Mat and boat trailers. A 2002 Pierce Saber Fire Police Truck is assigned to Station No. 2 and designated as 3-4-8. The truck is equipped with a 45 kilowatt generator for lights and an air compressor used to fill our Scott air bottles. In additional to portable lights, it is also has a 25 foot light tower and a 15-ton winch.

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